One of the surprising truths of today is the fact that a child as young as 2 years can navigate a gadget. With the advent of new phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other gaming console, do not be surprised if you see your toddler more skilled in handling them than you are. This fact is easy to accept however, the possibility of polluting the minds of the minor is something that we must be fearful of. Allowing them to navigate alone, with internet access opened, they may accidentally land on a pornography page, or to a page where their innocent minds cannot fathom. No parent wants that to happen. So what do we do now?

First is to accept that being advanced to their ages is inevitable. Next is to catch up with them. Spend time learning these gadgets so you will also know how to navigate. Lastly, look for pages or games where they focus playing. One good example of such games is drawing games.

The good thing is, there are responsible gaming wizards that created such type of games for these innocent yet advanced minds. For toddlers, there are drawing games that teach them to write alphabet and shapes. There are also games that teach them to identify animals, places, and other things. Interactive versions are also available that allows them to play with other gamers. Through this, they can even gain friends online.

Therefore, if you have toddlers at home who loves to play with these gadgets, fear no more as there are drawing games for them. What you need now to prevent is for them to be so addicted to these.